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Keisha’s Journey: How My Portfolio Accepted in 2 Universities!


“I feel like finding Carrot Academy was like destiny. I’m really thankful that I got to enrolled in this illustration school. It’s honestly one of the best decision I have ever made.”

The Economy Class by Keisha Philia Ibrahim

Belajar di Carrot Academy bisa menjadi sebuah moment yang bisa merubah perjalanan seni seperti halnya yang dialami Keisha yang mencintai seni semenjak kecil. Bagaimana proses belajar di Carrot Academy memberikan dampak yang berarti bagi masa depan Keisha? Simak ya cerita dari Keisha yang berhasil diterima di 2 kampus seni sekaligus setelah belajar dan menyusun portfolio di Carrot Academy.

Hi Keisha kenalkan nama dan ceritakan kalau kamu diterima di kampus impian kamu ya

Hello my name is Keisha and I just graduated from high school and I am going to university in September. So I just got accepted into Bournemouth university in UK which is very well known for animation which has always been my dream to pursue a career in it. It honestly feels very amazing to get accepted. It makes me feel that you know my art is useful. People actually do enjoy looking at my art.

Apa sih arti seni bagi kamu?

Art is very important in my life. I’ve loved drawing and painting since I was small kid and in school it’s my favorit subject and art allows me to express and tell stories through my. drawings. It’s honestly one of my favorite things in the world and it makes me very happy. After all the mental breakdowns and crying during my portfolio, it feels really nice that I got accepted.

Bagaimana pertama kali memutuskan belajar di Carrot Academy?

So I found out about Carrot Academy in my lowest point of my art journey. I was struggling with what I wanted to take for my major. So me and my mom, we’re doing  research about art schools in Jakarta and we stumbled upon Carrot Academy. My first impression was it was very far from my house because I live in Lebak Bulus area it’s quite far from here but at the end it didn’t matter and I feel like finding Carrot Academy was like destiny. My art has improved so much since I enrolled in this class

Ceritakan dong kesan belajar di Carrot Academy?

From what I’ve experienced, I think the class in Carrot Academy really help me improved my art. Before I start I thought my art was already like okey but then all the little things that the mentors told me to do. It really helps and now. I feel like my art is so much better and I love how the mentors would always give their support and their guidance to what I want to do. So it’s really nice being here!

Not only do they help me in terms of my drawing and illustration but they also help me with my choices in pursuing a career in art. For example I got accepted to (before I accepted in Bournemouth) but I also got accepted to another university which I am very interested in which is RMIT in Australia. I was very confused on which university I should go. A lot of the mentors here they give me their advice what they think is right for me but they always told me that in the end its my choice. And even though each university has their ups and downs they really help me to pick my final decision so I pick Bournemouth University.

Hal positif apa yang kamu dapatkan setelah mengikuti kelas?

Beside this illustration class helping my basic knowledge in art improved, I think Carrot Academy has really help me with not being afraid to go out of my comfort zone with my drawings and illustrations. For example when I draw something and I think It’s already finished the mentors would give me advice maybe like to change or add something or even like restart it and make something completely different. That’s very scary to me!

I am usually a person like once it’s done it’s done. I don’t want to fix it but then I think Carrot Academy has taught me that there is always room for improvement. And after all the hard work it really pays off and I see that my work is so much better after their advice.

Saran apa yang akan kamu berikan kepada mereka yang sedang berencana menyusun portfolio?

Oke, so I think one of the biggest advice is don’t do your portfolio in last minute because thats what I technically did. It was very hard and takes so much of my time and sleeps so I recommended that you start early and pick up your best artwork that you want to show to the universities that you want to go to. And I think one of my biggest changes was do not look left and right and compare your artwork with other applicants or other people. I think Carrot Academy also help me learn that art is subjective. And of course everybody has their own style and you shouldn’t compare and saying “oh mine is more mine is uglier than theirs just dont compare”.

Focus on your self focus on improving your own work and that would be paid off so…. Chase your dream!


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