Libur 13-18 Januari 2016

Hai teman-teman, berhubung Carrot Academy sedang melakukan perbaikan gedung maka Carrot Academy terpaksa meliburkan kegiatan belajar-mengajar dari tanggal 13 Januari 2016 sampai dengan 18 Januari 2016.

Mohon maaf untuk keterlambatan respon email, wa, telp dll, selama periode tersebut.

Untuk Info:
SMS/WA/Telp: 08572766888


2 thoughts on “Libur 13-18 Januari 2016

  1. Hi there!
    I have contacted you for days, but no reply. Is there any class for today? My nephew will start a teenager session which supposedly happens today. Please let me know if you are open today.

    Gita – 081380365155

  2. Hi Gita,
    This is Carrot Academy Web Admin, sorry for not replying sooner. We are open today and yes, there’s a class today. And we have sent you an email, please check your inbox. . Let me know if you haven’t received an email


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