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Dapatkan DISCOUNT Rp. 100.000,-

untuk setiap anda mengajak teman/rekan/pacar/kolega/saudara anda bergabung di Carrot Academy

hal itu berarti setiap alumni Carrot Academy yang mereferensikan temannya bergabung ke Illustration Faculty dan BootCamp Programme berhak mendapatkan uang cash langsung : Rp. 100.000,-

Anda mengajak 2o orang bergabung berarti Anda GRATIS biaya belajar di Illustration Faculty – Reguler Programme

Anda mengajak 8 orang bergabung di Bootcamp Programme berarti Anda mendapatkan GRATIS biaya program belajar BootCamp Programme

Jakarta School Makes Art for the Real World – The JakartaGlobe

Carrot Academy di The Jakarta Globe :

The name Carrot Academy may sound like a whimsical college somewhere in cartoon land, but this illustration school is making a serious reputation for itself thanks to the quality of its students’ creations.

As it produces illustrations rivaling the best of US, European and Japanese comics, and worthy of world-class advertising campaigns, the academy has local artists across the country clamoring for an opportunity to take part. But there’s a catch: The school might not have the size yet to handle all the interested students heading its way.

With an emphasis on marketable art skills, the academy aims to position design school graduates as an intrinsic part of big business. And while that rather blunt commercialization of artistic expertise may irk art purists, the academy’s founder, Putra Adi Setiyawan, stands by his conviction that people who want to draw for a living must focus on marketability to amplify their prestige and tangible value.

His conviction seems to have paid off: Many of Carrot’s students have gone on to work in the commercial field, particularly in marketing and advertising campaigns.

Located in a modest house-turned-school in the Kayu Putih area of East Jakarta, the academy was established in December 2008. It gradually built its reputation through word of mouth among online art communities, though it wasn’t until last year that an almost cult-like following developed. By early 2012, the school’s four part-time teachers were struggling to contain the excitement.

The academy could only host a limited number of students and was forced to turn away many of its prospective disciples. Currently, only some 100 students are enrolled.

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Artist & Jualan

Tulisan berikut ini sudah pernah di twit di akun @artupida

:) jadi buat yang kemaren telat menyimak bisa baca postingan ini.. selamat terinspirasi


Mjd seorang artist memang asyik, tp bakalan sengsara kl gak bisa jualan
Artist yg cuma bisa bikin karya keren tapi ogah belajar jualan akan bernasib seperti dinosaurus.. Punah
Mampu membuat karya yg baik & mampu menjualnya adlh salah satu ciri VALUABLE ARTIST
Agar mampu jualan kita sbg seorang artist harus paham beberapa hal ini : 1. Bisa dipercaya
Bisa dipercaya berarti harus punya profil & portofolio yg jelas
Profil yg jelas berarti, kita sebagai artist harus nunjukin kl kita serius & tidak main2

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