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I Need that short of Course More than Ever!


Bagaimana pengalaman menghabiskan 1 tahun penuh di program Illustration Diploma Course? Gabrielle Angelica Soerjanto merangkum pengalamannya belajar di program yang membantu mengantarkannya melanjutkan kuliah artnya di Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Illustration di Australia.

“Well, taking the Diploma Course I felt like everytime I enter the class, everytime I join the class, went home and try to implement whatever I learnt from class to my own drawings, I felt like there were some improvement everyday.
Sometimes it may not be Noticeable but after few week after few months, you start realize that this course is actually contribute to the quality of drawing and I was really shock when I saw my progress this far.
It’s really amazing and that’s what I experienced through the process of joining the class.
So the first time I searched up about the Carrot Academy was around high school. I try to find a course that could improve my drawing and I stumbled upon the website called Carrot Academy in Jakarta. I didn’t look a bit much at that time but after I graduate from high school I realized that I need it that short of course more than ever, and I realize wow Carrot Academy actually serve one year diploma course. So I decide to take it in order to improve my drawing and also complete my portfolio for university.

It is definitelly very intensive course. You will be able to learn not only the basic but further than that, you can learn how to improve your shading, sketching but you can also improve character design, creature and environmental design.
It’s very complete course and if you are truly passionate about drawing and becoming a concept artist or illustrator sometimes in the future, this is a really good course to at least get the basic understanding of what is like to work and what you could expect in the industry.

So before I join Carrot Academy I was very familiar with the Manga style, Manga illustration, so all of my character were very unrealistic, very exaggerated and I think near high school I really wanted to improve my realistic drawings but everything still look very wrong, out of proportion. How do I shade, how do I make it so real and when I went to Carrot Academy I felt like one of my biggest achievement is making realistic portrait, how to make very detailed drawings like from not only the shape or the shading or the contour but also the tiny tiny ones like the pores, the fur, all that contribute to how detailed my realistic drawings are today.
And the achievement would be my art book where I was able to present my original character from my original story VERSE and I’ve never drawn my characters in such a way that looks so interesting and so amazing at the same time.
It was also my first time drawing a creature from my story and I think it looks great by the end of it.
The biggest impact this program give me personally is that I more confidence in my drawings now then I was before. I am more confident to release it to public to get feed back from it and also I am more adventurous and more open minded to different style and different technique and I would like to experiment each one of them. Will be would to and see how that would contribute to my style in the future.
It’s very interesting and very intensive course as I said before. If you are truly want to be an illustration concept designer or anything related to art in the creative industry later in the future, this is a course for you to study the basic and experienced what is like to be in industry later. It is very helpful for you. You’d meet a lot of people, you’d immerse yourself in very creative atmosphere, a very artistic atmosphere and you’d meet a lot of people that has the same passion as you do.

For those people who are interested in drawing and to my junior especially, this may sound look cliche and all of artists say it, but keep drawing – that would definitely get you somewhere and again, if you really passionate about this job, about this occupation this hobby especially you have to remember how passionate you are, you have to remember where you start it and why you start it and I think will help you get through where you want to be as an artist also even if you joining the course even if you joining a lesson please remember that if you want to improve you want to see the instant result you have understand whatever you learn from this course or whatever you learn from yourself your own experiences you have to find time at home to study to learn to draw and trust me you will see a lot of improvement there.

So if you’re talking about quotes my favorite quotes is “Face the Music when Its Dire” from my favorite band Marianas Trench. I believe this quote really push me to face my problem face the task Carrot Academy has giving me, if they’re very intensive, they’re very difficult you have to push through it you have to face the music

After finishing the One Year Diploma Course here in Carrot Academy I feel very accomplished and very confident as an artist but that doesn’t mean that’s the end of my artistic journey. I would definitely adventure art more, explore more about what I could do what I could be as an artist. Try to get more knowledge and hopefully become the part of the creative industry.

To my classmate from DC 6.04 thank you very much for being my classmate it was very nice to meet you all. Each of you are very talented and very skilled artist . I wish you all the best for your future endeavours…Semangat!


EMAIL : info@carrotacademy.com

CALL/WA/SMS : 085727766888



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